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Sparring Partner
A sparring partnership affords you the thinking support you deserve, without the traditional consulting approach. This is a good option if you're experiencing challenges in your role, have ideas, and would like help with generating more.

Sparring vs. Coaching

Looking for a thinking partner, not a coach?

Our Sparring Partner service is designed for high-performing specialists and managers who seek to refine their ideas and overcome challenges without feeling dependent.

Here's how sparring is different:

  • Equals at the table - Sparring sessions foster a collaborative environment where your expertise is valued.

  • Synergy over hierarchy - We work together to leverage your experience and uncover innovative solutions.

  • Proactive problem-solving - We actively explore roadblocks and develop strategies alongside you.

Get the support you deserve, without the traditional consulting approach.

Sparring is for you if ...

  • you are involved in any of the following roles:

    • Leadership - leading people towards a goal

    • Transformation lead

    • Change management

    • Organizational design / development

    • Agile Coach / Scrum Master

    • Product Manager / Product Owner

    • A member of a delivery team

    • ...

  • you're facing a challenge, and you're unsure of the best way to approach it.

  • you want to gain an external perspective on your context.

  • you want someone experienced to generate ideas with that can move things forward positively.

The format

Typically we would have a 1-on-1 video call, with shared interactive notes on Miro to visualize the situation, increase alignment and maintain a history on which we can continue to build if needed. A minimum of an hour should be set aside for this call initially. We may mutually decide on a different duration if it makes sense beyond a first session.

We can start with just a single session with the option to blend this into a series of sessions to attract a discount overall. Sparring works best when there is a feedback loop i.e. multiple sessions.


  • ZAR 1290.00 per ad-hoc session

  • ZAR 4090.00 for series of 4 sessions

Your sparring partner

your sparring partner - Mike Freislich

Mike Freislich will be your sparring / thinking partner. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience (success and failure) in facilitating evolutionary change in teams and organizations since 2014.

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