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Mike loves the Kanban approach coupled with the Flight Levels Model to create inclusive, collaborative, focused, measurable, improvements within teams and organisations. His happy place is rock climbing and building synthesisers!


Mike has been coaching and training people, teams and leadership since 2004. He has worked extensively with lean / agile methods over this time, in order to help make sense of the chaos. Scrum - Mike is one of two practicing Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coaches in South Africa, and loves to run guided path to certification offerings for Scrum Masters and Product Owners within organisations. Mike has almost 20 years of experience with Scrum.

Scrum, while having its roots in software development and new product development, provides a simple set of constraints that place emphasis on team collaboration and self-transcendence. There is still so much relevance in the method that became popular over 20 years ago.

Kanban - Mike is one of three Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKT) in South Africa. He was trained and mentored by Dr. Klaus Leopold since 2015 and received his AKT in 2017.

The Kanban Method has been instrumental in my thinking of organisational delivery beyond the agile teams.

Flight Levels - Mike was the first Flight Levels Guide (FLG) in South Africa, having achieved this credential in 2019. He regularly runs public classes and private workshops, to help organisational groups identify opportunities to have the right people solving the right problems at the right time.

Having worked first hand with Dr. Klaus Leopold, the thought-leader and founder behind the Flight Levels Academy, I have gained a deep appreciation for the power of simplicity in visualising and connecting the work at multiple levels in an organisation to create true business agility. Organisations need fresh dialog that helps get the right value to clients when they need it! Flight Levels is a great way to achieve this.

On his coaching journey, Mike has had the pleasure of working closely with a great many organisations, including ... Siemens, Coca Cola, Blue Label Telecoms, Fair Trade International, Lexis Nexis, Alan Gray, Hetzner / Xneelo, Coronation Fund Managers, Sigma Digital, Korbitec, Nona Digital, GLI Interactive, Mweb, MXIT, First National Bank, Mauritius Commercial Bank, Insight Terra, Direct Axis, Old Mutual, MetroNom, Prudential, Momentum, Metropolitan, UCT, Platform45, IUA, Platinum Seed, UCS, The Foschini Group, Entelect, Alt Air, Red24, Redstor, Pepkor and many others.

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