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The Agile Project Manager

Project and Service Delivery Managers will learn modern techniques for modern problems

Course Description

“The Agile Project Manager” course is designed for project or delivery managers who need to self-equip to meet the relentless demands of stakeholders and markets. You will be equipped with a mindset of agility, along with practical tools to assist you in farming successful outcomes and communicating more effectively with teams and management alike.

We draw from various methods, such as Agile, Lean Thinking, Scrum, Kanban and Flight Levels to provide a fascinating and practical view into modern techniques for modern problems.

You will learn

Challenges of Project Management

In modern and future organisations, the plight of the project manager is becoming more difficult. Modern markets expect next-to-immediate delivery of the highest quality products and services. Fail at this and you lose out to the competition. Many organisations have jumped on the “Agile” bandwagon to address this problem. Often this means a revolution is necessary in terms of how we run projects and delivery systems. We explore the common challenges faced by the modern Project Manager.

Influencing Change

Develop an understanding of evolutionary change and avoid the tendency for pushing presumptive solutions in order to overcome resistance. Learn how to shift your stance from managing to leading. A leadership stance is (in most cases) a superior approach to bringing the right people together around solving the right problems at the right time.

Understanding Flow

Flow is the movement of value through a process. Knowledge of the dynamics of “flow” is fundamental to the enablement of agile delivery practices. Experience the differences between a system where work is pushed vs. being pulled when there is capacity and what the benefits and challenges are.

Structuring for continuous delivery of value

“True organisational agility is about getting the right people to talk about the right things at the right time.” We explore the Flight Levels Thinking model to help you find out where in your organisation you have to do what in order to achieve the results that you want to achieve. Setting yourself up for success through visualisation to engage sensory perception and move people emotionally through greater transparency.

Creating Focus

Understand what levers to pull in your organisation that will allow individuals and teams to focus on work most valued by your customers. Establish clear rules for managing the work, the value in your organisation that will allow for people to self organise around it.

Problem Handling

Perfect delivery exists in theory only. We will discuss tools and techniques in order to expose delivery problems in a way that we can measure their impact on delivery and drive resolution in a timely manner.

Agile Metrics

There are surprisingly few measurements that matter in order to baseline and manage service levels, forecast with ease and enable good, fact-based decision making. We will examine a number of methods, techniques and tools to deal with those pesky status updates, and more importantly put focus on conversations that matter. Get predictable today!

Organisational Interactions

Define explicit interactions in order to deal with the work that arrives, manage the flow of work in process and continuously improve the “system of delivery”. How to compare expected and actual outcomes to evolve your process and policies around value delivery. Grow and nurture a culture of unity, alignment and a shared purpose by getting the right people together, talking about the right stuff.

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