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Team Launch Workshops

This experiential workshop lays the foundations for a high performing team - trust, a shared purpose and shared understanding of the workflow.


A diverse group of 3-9 people that are committed to a shared goal, have an agreed way of working together and hold each other accountable are what we would call a team. Intentionally creating an appropriate environment for team formation enables maturation from a working group through different phases to becoming a high-performing team.

We believe that the foundation of a high-performing team is trust, a shared purpose and shared understanding of the workflow. To achieve this, we cover the essential elements of high-performing teams in our two-day Team Launch workshop.

You will experience

An engaged team that has established the foundations for becoming a high performing team.

You will uncover answers to the following questions:

  • Why are we doing what we are doing?

  • How do we make decisions?

  • What is holding us back?

  • What are our team agreements?

  • What are our responsibilities?

  • What accountabilities might need to be made explicit in our team?

  • What are our dependencies? How do we want to handle them?

  • What competencies do we have in our team? Do we have any gaps?

  • How do we want to work together (virtual and in-person)?

  • How will we know we are ready to start working on a piece of work?

  • How will we know that we have completed a piece of work?

Who Should Attend?

Team members

When should this workshop be held?
  • When the purpose of the team changes

  • When a new team is about to form or has formed

  • When a team needs to revise or renew their team agreements

  • When an existing team member leaves or a new team member joins


2 full days


From R34,000 excl. VAT

Public Classes

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