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Kanban System Improvement

The next step on your journey is to learn how to scale out to multiple connected systems. In Kanban System Improvement, you will learn how to manage and optimise those systems using metrics and evolutionary change.

Course Description

Once you have mastered the basics, the next step in your Kanban journey is to learn how to scale your system to handle multiple connected systems. Our course on "Scaling Kanban Systems" equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to expand your Kanban implementation across various interconnected workflows. You will learn effective techniques for managing and optimizing these systems using metrics and evolutionary change strategies.

In any workflow system, you will inevitably encounter sources of delay, variabilities, and bottlenecks. KSI focuses on proactively identifying and addressing these challenges to improve and smoothen the flow of work.

Content at a glance

Managing Evolutionary Change, dealing with resistance to change, feedback loops and continuous learning. Implementing and scaling out Kanban, balancing demand and capability. Optimizing flow and predictability are all the topic's we will deep dive into during this course.

Is this course for you?

Are you currently using a Kanban system, have prior experience with Kanban or are currently in the KMP training series then this course is for you. . If you are looking to implement continuous improvement for sustainable customer satisfaction at your organisation then this training is a must in your toolbox.


It is strongly recommended to take the "Kanban System Design" course prior to enrolling in Kanban system improvement as it builds upon the foundational knowledge


Students completing both Kanban system design and Kanban System improvement will earn the Kanban Management professional KMP credential

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