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Flight Levels Systems Architecture

Business agility at scale with Flight Levels - Are you in the middle of an Agile Transformation? Or are you planning one in the future? If you’re looking for an alternative approach on how to bring agility to your environment, you have come to the right place. Flight Levels System Architecture will enable you to see your organisation from a different perspective. It will provide you with a systemic approach to improving your organisation in a simple pragmatic and cost-effective way.

Course Description

Learn how companies achieve real business agility by managing work beyond team boundaries and operationalising the business strategy.

The goal of this course is to help you realise how the different Flight Level 1, 2 and 3 Systems are connected to each other and how to improve them. You will also learn how to connect agile islands to improve the value flow in your entire organisation.

The content at a glance
  • Deep dive into Flight Levels System Architecture - Experience what it means when an entire organization uses Flight Levels

  • Define YOUR Flight Levels - Identify already existing Flight Levels in your organization and find a way to connect them to enable Enterprise Flow.

  • Define value delivery flow across the entire organization - Learn how work flows from a strategic idea across all the Flight Level Systems to the customer.

  • Design effective collaboration models - Connect people to talk about the right things at the right time

  • Be ready to take-off - Become the Architect of the Flight Levels Systems at your organization

WHY Flight Levels Systems Architecture?
  1. Connect islands of work across your organisation - Today’s organisations have many people, roles, departments, products and services. It can be very difficult to figure out how work gets done, let alone how best to structure improvement in such a space. Learn how to build work system topologies in order to simplify understanding of where work happens and how to connect these islands in order to provide smooth flow of value throughout your organisation or a part of it.

  2. Understand where in your organisation strategy connects to the work - making explicit connection points between organisational and product strategy, and the work that realises it, affords you the opportunity to design the right interactions, with the right people at the right time, in order to ensure effective delivery across the organisation.

  3. Don’t go it alone! Transformations / Change at scale requires a coordinated effort and buy-in from the right people, in order to be effected. Learn some key steps and constructs for creating achievable, lasting improvements where it matters in the organisation.

  4. Work with your own examples - We get practical! You will leave with the knowledge of how to build a Flight Level Systems Architecture for your company, that will enable true business agility.  You can work on your own example, or learn together with other participants on their examples.

  5. Learn from a leading Flight Levels Guide - Mike Freislich has been mentored by and has trained with Klaus Leopold, for many years prior to the existence of the Flight Levels Academy, and has deep knowledge and experience with the topics.

  6. Receive certification from the internationally accredited Flight Levels Academy - This course is part of a certified learning path, developed by the Flight Levels Academy.

Is this course for you?

Everyone involved in organization design:

  • Leadership (C-Level, Directors, VPs...)

  • Managers responsible for portfolio management

  • Transformation Leaders

  • Org Coaches

  • Agile Enterprises Coaches

  • Org Designers


Introduction to Flight Levels (FLIN) self-paced online course. The FLIN covers the foundational elements of Flight Levels, and is required learning prior to attending the live FLSA workshop. You will be given an option to purchase FLIN licenses when you book a seat on FLSA.


On completion of this workshop you will be awarded the Flight Levels Systems Architecture certification and badge from Flight Levels Academy.

Public Classes

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