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Flight Level 3 Design

Design Flight Level System for your strategy execution - Do you feel like your company strategy lives only in PowerPoint presentations? Find out how to align long-term company vision with daily operational work. Design a Flight Level 3 System to establish collaboration across the organisation to build products and services that bring the most value.

Course Description

Design Flight Level 3 System for your organization. Find the missing links between company strategy and delivery teams.

Content at a glance
  • Discover Fight Level 3 Systems - Learn about various implementations of the Flight Levels 3 System and find out how to build one in your organization

  • Map your strategy toward Flight Levels - Build a Flight Levels 3 system based on your company context

  • Successful strategy execution at all levels - Understand how your strategy scales down through the organization and improve its execution

  • Deliver strategy collaboratively - Make strategy execution a team sport, rather than a C-level dream

  • Be ready to take-off - Start with Flight Levels 3 System immediately and define what’s next for you

WHY Flight Level 3 Design?
  1. Create strategy that is more likely to be achieved - It is important for sure to have a well articulated strategy. If that strategy sits in powerpoint decks, it is almost certain to not be understood deeply by those whose efforts need to be focused on delivering it. In Flight Level 3 (Strategy) Design, we look at the key elements of strategy, and most importantly how to make it explicit, visible and executable.

  2. You don’t need to be a strategist, a CxO or part of a 3000+ person company - Strategy happens at many different scales. Whether you’re working in an umbrella corporation for a large group of companies, or simply running a startup with 3 people, the concepts of Flight Level 3 (Strategy) Design are applicable in your space!

  3. You can use your existing artefacts - The course does not introduce a new alternative to the 1000’s of approaches to strategy definition. Rather we take your existing strategy and connect it squarely into the land of Flight Levels. This means that we don’t need to reinvent your strategy, in order to make it explicit, visible and executable!

  4. Learn from a leading Flight Levels Guide - Mike Freislich has been mentored by and has trained with Klaus Leopold, for many years prior to the existence of the Flight Levels Academy, and has deep knowledge and experience with the topics.

  5. Work with your own examples - We get practical! You will leave with the knowledge of how to build a Flight Level 3 (Strategy) system for your company, that will increase your chances of effecting strategy.  You can work on your own example, or learn together with other participants on their examples. We understand that strategy can be quite a confidential thing, and you are not expected to share the content of strategy, but rather the types of artefacts that exist.

  6. Receive certification from the internationally accredited Flight Levels Academy - This course is part of a certified learning path, developed by the Flight Levels Academy.

Is this course for you?

Everyone involved in strategy design and execution:

  • Managers on different levels

  • Middle Managers

  • Team Leads

  • Tribe Leads

  • Department Heads

  • Scrum Master, Agile Coaches, Change Agents and all Agile minds

  • Product Owners


Introduction to Flight Levels (FLIN) self-paced online course. The FLIN covers the foundational elements of Flight Levels, and is required learning prior to attending the live FL3D workshop. You will be given an option to purchase FLIN licenses when you book a seat on FL3D.

Level: Intermediate


On completion of this workshop you will be awarded the Flight Level 3 Design certification and badge from Flight Levels Academy.

Public Classes

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