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Agile Team Assessment

How agile are you as a team? This is a short, observational coaching engagement with feedback regarding where you can focus improvement efforts next.


Agile Team Assessments are a useful first step in establishing a baseline measure of your current condition as a team in order to intentionally agree on shared next steps for improvement.

Teams perform Agile Assessments for many reasons:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of the team's future readiness

  • To serve as a baseline for the current level of team agility

  • To gain insight into the team's level of maturity

  • To create awareness on areas of strength and improvements

  • To identify the next improvement areas on which to focus

How does it work?

Our Agile Coaches assess your team, using the following framework:

  • Team Self-Assessment Workshop

  • Interviews with Team members

  • Observations during customized events

Assessment Outcomes

List of observations and recommendations that you can use to plan the next steps in your Agile Team journey. The recommendations cover the following focus areas:

  • Team Agility and practices

  • Teamwork and Team maturity

  • Agile leadership

When should we do it?

Before embarking on your Team's Agile journey, or periodically to track progress against your Agile transformation goals.

Who is included?

Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Team Members


From 16 hours


From R29,000 excl. VAT

Public Classes

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