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In-House Training & Workshops
LevelUp provides certified in-house Flight Levels® workshops, as well as tailored training and workshops to meet your specific needs.

Training vs. Workshop

So, what's the difference between a training and a workshop?

  • Traditionally, training is an activity where the trainer brings the knowledge, and imparts new concepts with students. A training is outcomes based i.e. by the time you leave you have learned some new concepts (hopefully), that you can decided whether to apply or not in your real-world context.

  • In a workshop, while new concepts are often introduced by the guide, the application of these new tools and methods within your own context happens as a part of the workshop. For example we may learn the concept of scheduling using cost of delay, and then actually apply it to example projects from your real world context. The workshop is both outcome and output based i.e. we've learned some new things, and we have applied them in our context, and have one or more resulting artifacts that we can take with us.

Flight Levels® Workshops

At LevelUp, we have deep skills in training and running Flight Levels® Workshops. Each workshop is truly geared towards achieving one or more goals in your organization. While we offer public workshops, it may be that you actually want to run the workshop in your organization with the right people. LevelUp can help by guiding any of these accredited workshops together with you and your relevant stakeholders.

Flight Level 2 Design (FL2D) - We will design an operational coordination system, together with the relevant people spanning multiple roles, teams and/or departments within your organization. The idea here is to make the shared work visible, and create focus across teams and departments in such a way that it effects multi-team value generation.
Flight Levels Systems Architecture (FLSA) - We work with people in your organization to map out the operational flow of value through your whole organization or a piece of it. We identify all of the necessary places that work needs to be coordinated, together with the connections between systems, to identify how work moves operationally through the organization. We uncover where strategy connects to execution, and identify key interactions that need to take place to keep value moving. The Systems Architecture is a key to organizational transformation.
Flight Level 3 Design (FL3D) - We work with the people who hold the strategy (for organization, product or service) as well as relevant stakeholders, to take existing strategy and make it explicit, visible and executable. The intention here is to deliberately connect strategy to execution together with designed feedback loops and interactions, that allow us to track and evolve our strategy delivery.

Tailored Training / Workshops

At LevelUp we take pride in designing experiential and engaging training and workshops to fit your people's needs. We have a wealth of experience in...

Flight Levels®, scrum, kanban, leadership, product ownership, portfolio management, strategy, agile metrics, scaling, transformation, dependency management, retrospectives, improvement workshops, facilitation, non violent communication, coaching, collaborative planning, estimation, cost of delay, systems thinking and many other topics.

If you need training for your team(s) or a group of people in order to improve, please reach out and let's chat about what we can do for you. We offer these trainings / workshops in person or remote-online.

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