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Blended Learning
Self-paced online, certified Flight Levels® classes with live touch points for those who are wanting to learn and get practical at your own pace.

Blended Learning vs. Workshop / Training

In the blended learning approach, you can learn at your own pace through videos and exercises provided. We create touch points where you can spend time with a LevelUp guide via video conference, in order to discuss the topics learned so far, as well as review the exercises completed.


  • Learn at your own pace. Start now!

  • No need to wait for a scheduled class to start.

  • Do it yourself and ask the expert.

  • Work with others from your organization who share your context.

  • Access to video lessons even once you've completed the course.

The ideal construct for blended learning is where you form a cohort of three or more within your organization, comprising those of you who want to make use of Flight Levels in a specific area, or to solve a common challenge. This results in a group of people with purpose who learn new skills, and can work together to put them to practice in reality.

We can also work with individuals who choose the Blended Learning path, so don't feel excluded!

Courses Offered

Flight Level 2 Design (FL2D) - We will design an operational coordination system, together with the relevant people spanning multiple roles, teams and/or departments within your organization. The idea here is to make the shared work visible, and create focus across teams and departments in such a way that it effects multi-team value generation.


Flight Levels Systems Architecture (FLSA) - We work with people in your organization to map out the operational flow of value through your whole organization or a piece of it. We identify all of the necessary places that work needs to be coordinated, together with the connections between systems, to identify how work moves operationally through the organization. We uncover where strategy connects to execution, and identify key interactions that need to take place to keep value moving. The Systems Architecture is a key to organizational transformation.


Flight Level 3 Design (FL3D) - We work with the people who hold the strategy (for organization, product or service) as well as relevant stakeholders, to take existing strategy and make it explicit, visible and executable. The intention here is to deliberately connect strategy to execution together with designed feedback loops and interactions, that allow us to track and evolve our strategy delivery.


How it works

  1. Get your license(s) for the course of your choice above.

  2. Receive access to the video lessons, and your own personal Miro space to be used for exercises.

  3. LevelUp will contact you to create a schedule for Live Contact sessions at specific points during the program.

  4. Complete the course modules together with your Live Contact sessions.

  5. Get your certificate(s)!

  6. Go back to review content and refresh your knowledge at any time.

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